My teaching interests range from metaphysics, philosophy of technology, and philosophy of art to epistemology, philosophy of science, applied ethics (medical, environmental, technological), and critical thinking. As an instructor, I have three main goals when teaching. First, I aim to cultivate a sense of wonder in my students that motivates them to be curious and continue to ask questions after the course is over (and if this motivates them to take more philosophy classes, great!). Second, I want my students to develop the critical thinking skills that both will help them answer those questions and are applicable beyond the philosophy classroom. Third, I aim to ensure that my students have the skills to succeed regardless of personal, circumstantial, or institutional barriers.

Below are some syllabi from courses I’ve taught and would like to teach in the future.

Photo credit: Molly O’Rourke Friel

Philosophy of Technology (Spring 2022)

Problems in Social Thought (Fall 2021)

Medical Ethics (Spring 2021)

Introduction to Philosophy (Fall 2020)

Practical Reasoning (Summer 2020)

Environmental Ethics (Spring 2020)

Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics



Philosophy of Science

Business Ethics

Computer Ethics